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Myk Tola Jnr Adele to Celestial Generation (CeleGen) 2 hrs ·

Immorality, A stain that soils white garment

I happened to be new at a place, doing some important things, I found myself amidst a group of people,then conversation sparked and they got to know I was a celestial.
Immediately their reactions and comments were hot like lava raining on their observe and knowledge about CCC in it. Loads and loads of their stories which were very bad kept pouring in until I manage to calm them down ,change their orientation and belief. They admitted I was a very different celestial to the ones in their vicinity. wedding dresses for over 40

Out of all their fingerpointing, I realized there was one of great emphasis : immorality which gave birth to adultery, fornication and lust

Immorality is a question of our moral reality in CCC. Do we truly have morals of decency and holiness? This is a big question of today celestial

We have taken morality, decency with levity and slack so much in this aspect.

*one of the black books of the world against CCC is our females who are seen as use and dump, adulterous, fetish and fornicators with indecent dressing, illicit dancing, body bleaching*

Celestial is an holy church (ijo mimo),that has Zero tolerance for indecent practices and adulterous acts that could stain it's name and image.

What has happened that our strong guard and discipline that we have allowed immorality and carnality in the heart of this fold.

Females wear transparent garments without fully cover underwear revealing privates and pubic that could cause a man to lust, to be lost forever in the land of adultery often we lie against fashion and class to throw away modesty and decency

Illicit and lustful dances which are exhibitions of worldliness and carnality. All this could permeate the mind of a first time comer who intends to remove the garment of worldliness to believe that the church is same with the world in ways

*A deficiency in our moral system is the appreciation of naming ceremonies and wedlock marriages than proper Christian marriage which has devalued our standard of morality*

The most saddening one is the way we deal and react to immoral practices

A shepherd whom has a wife or wives as the case may be would be committing adultery with a church worker and several other females in the church and the church authority can do nothing about it.. Such degrees of deshaming flaws happens in many parishes.

The Choir master fornicates with the lead vocal chorister, the altar elder and the brother competes for rounds and runs of the sisters

The woleader gives prophecy of fornication and adultery to lure females to the bed.such shambolic and degrading acts.

The degree of morality in a church is directly proportional to the indwelling of the holy spirit there.

God doesn't dwell in an immoral place.This is why we struggle to call down the presence of the holy spirit and also unclean spirits flourish and feed where immorality is practiced yielding falsehood in prophecy and deceit of the spirit

Another deficient morality is in the issue of marriage, the females divorcing and moving from one matrimonial home to the other, and the males flourishing in multiple wives accolading.

*The Centred problem is that there is no check and balance for immorality practices in the church* Authorities on such are so weak and sickle

*There is no disciplinary body with effective action and measures for immoral acts at the church*

Marriage and counselling body in the church are as dead as meat, nonexistent and extinct causing flaws in marriage, and pre-marriage.

The body of the sidemen, are also cold this days as the high point for modesty,decency and order has been crushed to allow corrupted civilization in the church
To suit the style the world wants, we have lowered our morality to accommodate immoral filthiness, carnality and high degree of lust.

Evidenced reports flooding everywhere that shepherds now take church members on pilgrimage to Imeko to lodge in hotels and fornicate with them.

Another reserved allowance of immorality is the clergy not being followed by their wife to heed the call.
Men of God called to be missionary where often joined by their wives if not their kids.

Shepherds being alone on the call has yielded polygamy and some broken homes. When a man of God is without his wife, and is serving at a parish and family is far distanced, he will be pressured to fornicate, to seek alternate means.

The Church ought to make provisions and regulations for clergy and family to be together on missionary calls.

The illicit behavior of drinking in the house of God is also a cankerworm...

The uncultured acts of body bleaching and skin peeling and many more

To be continued

By Tola Adele