sexy wedding dresses

LOL! We're weeks away from 6 months married. Hot damn!!

1 Year Ago See Your Memories chevron-right Renae Houston-Jack is feeling amused. March 3, 2017 · Houston, TX ·

Soooo for those who want to know about the wedding nightmare...well the dress I was wearing wasn't my dress and I kept saying, "this isn't my dress..this isn't ... my dress!"

Then the cake was missing and the cake cutting stuff was missing. Some lady was trying to put these chintzy flowers on the table while I was running around attempting to decorate the day of the wedding. To top it off no one was there because the save the dates weren't sent! sexy wedding dresses

Now that I'm bugging many of you for information I'll feel better. Of course, I had a dream about a huge anaconda snake slithering through the house last night. No idea where that came from.