prom dresses with slits

MS. VOLUPTUOUS SG 2018,will be starting in September 2018.The Ms. Voluptuous Sg is Founded by Yeng L Dc,as an empowerment to strong, beautiful woman.

Now that this incredible concept has come to the Sg. It will provide opportunity for MS. VOLUPTUOUS role model across the country to share their platforms, ideas and vision for the future with other beautiful and minded women with participating in team building activities and development workshop during the pageant week end. prom dresses with slits

MS. VOLUPTUOUS SG 2018,is the first plus-sized pageant in Singapore not only, focus in, confidence but also their I.Q.

So what we do look for a winner.

We want more than a just a plus-sized model in a crown. We are looking for women who genuinely want to make a difference and have what it takes to be a true model in the pageant community.

The winning queen will not only take a crown and title of MS. VOLUPTUOUS SG. But she will also recieve an incredible prize package which will include 800$ top cash and gifts.

The winner will also receive a schedule of events and opportunities for her to promote her platform during her reign.

If you can yourself as MS. VOLUPTUOUS SG 2018.Then we need you to be a part of this pageant. Total. Registration of $300(inclusive of $50,(non refundable )$200 raffle ticket for. Lucky draw and $50 outdoor photoshoot and to help you to ease the payment.

-you must be plus-sized or chubby with curve figure.
-Any nationalities
-must wear heels for audition ang reg.

Free photoshoot
T-shirt with logo.

Our categories
1)Hawaiian Production (provided by the committee)
2)Office Attire
3)Urban Trend (dress like a Barbie casual wear PINK color.
4)Evening Gown (BLACK CLASSIC)

Winners will receive
$800 Cash, crown and gifts for Grand winner.
$500 Cash, crown and gifts for 1st Runner up
$400 Cash, crown and gifts for 2nd Runner up.
$300 Cash, crown and gifts for 3rd Runner up.
$200 Cash, crown and gifts for 4th and 5th Runner up.

Registration will start
March 3,2018 at Green Dhobby Ghaut near at MRT Dhobby Ghaut

If you are interested kindly registered to book your slot by contacting us.
Yeng L Dc
Rosebelle Tucino
Sweetie Cocjin Ghara

Thank You.
Looking forward to know you in the future.