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Lily's dress is finished. I can't believe it is finished early. When Michelle said she had to have a white dress for q&u wedding I thought what in the world? I have made several wedding dresses in earlier years, but I had an idea. My wedding dress from 54 1/2 years ago was in the top of my closet. I pulled it out. It showed it's age. I was upset about it, but I decided to wash it and see what happened. When I did it looked better. Altering a wedding dress takes longer than making one. It was the thought that counts though. Lily is only 5. I won't be here when she gets married, but I will get to see her in a wedding dress when she comes home tomorrow. When Lily was born the first thing i said when we got to see her was she is beautiful. The next thing I said was I wish mother could see her. Mother would have loved her so much. latest chic wedding collections at affordable price