items that not expensive to wear for the maid of the brides

Again prepare yourselves for rapture, JESUS is coming

Jude Sabanal 7 hrs ·

By Richard Antwi:
He is a member of Heaven Seeker’s Ministry located in Kumasi, Ghana behind the Great Luck Hotel. On Monday, the 17th day of February 2014 at midnight I was praying in tongues, worshipping and praising the Lord in tongues, but all of a sudden, I saw that it was daybreak. Then a strange thing happened, there was very thick darkness in my room. I said- what is happening? I fumbled toward the window, and saw that outside was also dark, everyplace was dark. But when I peeked through the window, I saw some bright angels in the sky. They were bright so I could see them, even in the darkness. They were holding their trumpets and they started blowing their trumpets. When they blew it, I saw children, and babies all flying into the sky with some few adults. They were all in white and I could see them; they were like light. I could see them even in the darkness; very bright and going into the air. After some time it ceased. Nobody was flying any longer and the trumpet had also stopped. The darkness went away and it was back to daylight again. I saw myself, that I was wearing my heavenly robe, but my body remained normal (human), it was not heavenly body. The Lord told me earlier on, “Richard, you are left with one minute”. I went outside my room, people were shouting, there was commotion everywhere. I saw many people rushing up and down. Many people were saying, “Ah, my child was sucking my breast and all of a sudden, he or she has disappeared. My child went to school and came back and while I gave him food and he was eating, he disappeared. My brother or my sister, I was with him, he has disappeared”. I went to the nearby suburb, but it was the same thing. When I went to the town itself, I saw many people in that same situation complaining about disappeared persons. So I had a thought in mind: Is it only this nation that we are seeing this? So I said, what about the European countries, the Asian countries and the other continents. Immediately, I said that because of the robe that I was putting on, I was quickly taken to that place and when I got there I saw that things were the same over there as well. I then decided return to my country. When I said that, right away I was back to my nation, Ghana. I met a lady who was searching for her six months old baby. The Lord made me to follow this lady into a house and the lady was saying I left my child here. I gave this child a sleeping tablet so that it would enable me to go and have an affair with my boyfriend while my husband has traveled, but I came back and can’t find my child. What am I going to do? What am I going to tell my husband when he comes back? She was crying weeping, going up and down, searching everywhere. I saw many men and women, changing their dresses and erasing all the makeup on their faces, taking their bibles and rushing to various churches. They went into the various chapels, filled to capacity and prayed. They were saying, “Ah, what the people said has happened! The rapture they were talking about has taken place”. I went to one church, I saw many people, and they were weeping because they couldn’t make the rapture. They were crying that they could get help. From there, I was taken to another church where I met a multitude of people praying, & bowing to a statue (virgin Mary). But the statue could not help them. I decided to go to my pastor’s house to inform him about what is happening. On the street, I saw that there was no movement of any vehicle. No electricity, no radio, no TV, there was nothing. People were just moving from one place to another without any vehicle. I had to trek to my pastor’s house. When I got to the main gates, I pressed the door bell, nobody responded so I forced the gates to open and I entered. When I entered I did the same thing at the main gate to the hall. I opened that one too and started calling out names, “Pastor! Momma! Philippa!” I went into the various rooms, I saw that nobody was in the house. “Ah, pastor and the family are gone and they have left me here”. So I said weeping. I just threw myself into the sofa in the hall and started weeping. While going back to town I met a group of people coming. Some pastors, apostles, and members, all heading to my pastor’s house. They were saying- We want to get to his house because he has been preaching about this end time message, holiness and righteousness. Then we will hear such messages that will enable us to make it to Heaven. I was standing by the farm looking at them. When they came, they also realized that pastor and the family were not here, they all started weeping and said, “Oh, the man is gone, he is not here”! We were all going back to the town. Then I heard somebody laughing. I turned around and saw a very tall thin person looking like Jesus. But his behavior was not like Jesus. I heard him saying, “Ah, now the whole world belongs to me! Whatever I like I can do. Anyone that really wants to have deliverance you are free to come to me”. The way he was talking, I realized that he was not Jesus. He added, “If you bow to me, you will be free”. Many of those people bowed to him. Immediately, they bowed to him and raised their head, I saw the figure 666, the mark of the beast on their foreheads. I decided to run for my life, to avoid receiving the mark. I went home and saw that my TV was on, without electricity. I saw the newscasters, with 666 on their foreheads. They were happy and showed a picture of the man that I saw earlier, satan himself. All the money I kept at home changed and now has the man’s picture and mark. First church: that I entered, I saw brethren, well dressed. Everybody had covered their bodies, very nice. They have removed all the evil things, the jewelries. The women have covered their hair and removed all the attachments [wigs, fake-artificial hair, weave] but it was too late for them. They ignored all the warnings the Lord gave before Rapture. Everybody was busy [praying] that the Lord would have mercy on him or her. All of a sudden, I saw satan, he said, “Have you seen how your Jesus has deceived you? Have you seen how He has been selective? He has acted partially by taking a few people and leaving all of you here? You have served Him all these years, but look at how He has rewarded you? But if you will bow to me, I will never treat you like that”. They thought it was good advice and many bowed to him. When they lifted up their heads, they had the mark of the beast on their foreheads. Just a few refused to bow to him. satan's agents, whose faces are like animals, and they have tails, came in. Immediately, those who refused to bow to satan, became frightened and bowed and received the mark. Second church: Many people, they were neatly dressed. They were weeping for deliverance from God. satan came here also. The pastor started rebuking satan. The devil started laughing at him, “Look, why are you wasting your energy? All these years you have served me faithfully. You were protecting my property, the adulterous life that you were living. Now I have come to reward you. Soon the pastor and the congregation bowed to satan. At this time, death will run away from people. Men will be looking for death, but they will never see Mr. Death. When I went outside, I saw many people on top of a very tall storey building. They throw themselves down, but they did not die. They got injured and were in serious pain, but they did not die. Some fell on top of fence wall that has dangerous metals, which injured them seriously, then the devil agents came and asked them, “Will you receive the mark or not”? Because they were in serious pains, they had no choice, but to say that “Yes we will receive it”. Stadium: Later, I got to a stadium-like field, a big ground. Many people were praying with their pastor, who was leading them. The devil again came there. They all turned towards the direction of the enemy, satan. The pastor pointed to satan and said, “Ah, this is my master! This is the one that has been helping me all alone, even before the Rapture. He is the one that has been giving me the powers to do whatever I’ve been doing in the church for you people; all the miracles came from him. So let us all bow down to him and give him the necessary honor. When he said this they bowed to satan and got his mark. Few people refused, the agents of satan were signaled as usual. I do not know where they got a hot iron from. The first person who refused, they used this hot iron on the forehead, and removed the skin from that place. He started weeping and they asked him, “Will you receive it now”? He said, “Yes”. They placed a sticker on the hand and when they removed the sticker, the figure 666 was written there. The next person who refused, when they brought the metal to his throat, he shouted, “I will receive it”. Mountain: By God’s grace, again, I had the chance of running out of that place. I went to a mountainous place. I saw many people on a very tall mountain. As usual the enemy, satan appeared there. When the people saw him, the way he looked, they thought that it was Jesus. He said, “All of you should bow to me”. They quickly bowed to satan, all of them and received the mark instantly. I had to run quickly from the mountain’s top down. Brethren, what I’m trying to say is that on that day, you can run to the mountain top to go and pray, there will not be deliverance. Revelation 6:12 Third church: I entered a big church, I saw some were wearing black dresses and some had ashes on them, they were praying before the statue of Mary. The devil turned himself into the statue; he behaved like statue of Mary and started speaking to the congregation- “I am Mary, the one who gave birth to the Savior. I have heard your cry and my son has sent me to come and help you. But, before you will be saved, you all have to receive this mark.” They placed stickers on their foreheads and when they removed it the number 666 appeared there; they just used their hand to rub it and it will brighten up. That is what they did. The people made a queue and they started receiving this sticker. I decided to make a journey to my home town. By the roadside there was a car coming and the driver was saying, “all people who want to travel to any place you can come, whether you have the mark or not I will take you”. While we were going, the driver was speeding and later crashed into a truck. Because I was having the heavenly garment on me, I was taken out of the truck and stood by the roadside. All the other people got injured seriously. The agents of satan came and asked if they would receive the mark or not. They said, “We will receive it”. I had to run for my life. When I ran and I got to my hometown, one of my uncles had received the mark. He threatened other members that he will stop to supply their needs. So they decided to take the mark. They accepted the stickers…. I ran from my house in my hometown and got to a house in the outskirt of town. When I went in, I saw a man, the wife, and the children hiding. I joined them. satan came there & said, “Why are you hiding? Why don’t you want to receive the mark so that you will have peace”? But the man of the house said, “We are not going to receive the mark today or tomorrow.” satan gave a signal. his agents came around. They used a big blade to cut the forehead and removed the skin. I could see the skull of the man with blood oozing out of this place. The wife was afraid and decided with the children to receive the mark. The man still insisted that he would never receive the mark and the agents began dragging him to a certain place. I had a chance to run away. satan shouted at me! “This is the man who has been filming, who has been videoing me! Arrest him for me”! They were pursuing me, they ran after me. I met a young man and he said, “Oh, come, come. This is the way, I can help you”. We were running until I got to a place, he held me and asked me to stop that “You cannot go any longer. You cannot leave”. I was struggling to get myself out of his grips. The agents of satan were coming, trying to arrest me. This man who was holding my hand changed into the same animal like the agents. Then a strong wind blew me from their grips and blew me into the air. I saw that I was moving into the air. Then I heard a voice, “Richard, I told you that you were left with one minute. Now that is the one minute I told you and it’s now up”. items that not expensive to wear for the maid of the brides