fall bridesmaid dresses

What part of your body do you ENJOY working on getting toned? ?? ??‍♀️ ?

I lovvve working my arms, and I reeeally do enjoy having defined arms and shoulders.

I ain't gonna lie, this Mama misses her arms! ?? ? ??

One of my best buddy's weddings is coming up in only 3 weeks (woohoo!!)! I vowed (and laughed) that along with my big and beautiful belly, I would also sport some strong and toned arms in my bridesmaid dress. fall bridesmaid dresses

So the challenge is on! (and hey, it's just me against me!)

Kellen fell asleep on the way home from doing errands after dropping little miss off at preschool. So it was Mama time (and poop-free!). I thoroughly enjoyed an awesome upper body workout. ?? ?? ?

(And in case you're wondering, yes I STILL did my strettttches! ? )

Get your flexxx on today my friends!
Whether it's your booty, legs, arms, tummy, or back that you feel FAB working on, just do it up! ?? ?