cute girl's wear for graduation

Today we celebrated the life of my friend Virginia Lucretia Bland. Jeff, Sara, and Max her service today was beautiful, we shared tears, but they were tears of JOY of all the memories that we hold of her. Destiny Marie and I want you all to know that you'll continue to be in our thoughts and prayers...we LOVED Virginia to the moon and back. Our paths first crossed in 2010 when Destiny and I joined the Lansing Les Meres Debutantes, and for some reason Virginia took a liking to Destiny and she called her "my chocolate baby", and it was history from there. From her 8th grade graduation, Senior Homecoming Court, Senior Prom, to her Cotillion night...Virginia made sure Destiny was BEAUTIFUL. Virginia touched so many lives, and as I mentioned to you today Sarah, your mother is probably trying to dress the angels in heaven and she's walking around with the most BEAUTIFUL gown. You will be truly missed my friend...LOVE YOU!!! cute girl's wear for graduation