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Bi Qalbin Salīm — with a tranquil spiritual heart.

That’s the condition of the heart I yearn and strive for at the point of returning to my Lord.

In 4 years’ time I’d turn 50 and only He knows when is the time I’d return to eternity. Therefore, this serves as a reminder for myself that with each passing day I’d draw nearer to that point crossing the realm of mortal to immortality.

The white unsown dress as my last garment on earth is ready although I do not know whether I would wear that very same dress. I might exhale my last breath anywhere in this world.

I had a heart to heart talk with my mother to prepare ourselves for that moment. Please let go of attachment to anyone and anything. We can’t bring them along with us. So yield the benefit from them for the hereafter, even our very own physical being. Strive for two things whilst we are alive — good deeds (amalussoleh) and the eternal good deeds (albaqiyatussolehah). cocktail party selections in coral

As much as we want to be so close together but know this — I might leave before her and /or her time may be up before me.

Indeed we belong to Allāh and to Him we shall return. So, let’s return Bi Qalbin Salīm, may He facilitates. Āmīn.

# MotherDaughterDiscourse