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The advice one takes and applies is very critical, and can make or mar their relationship and marriage beyond repair.

From Facebook Mentors, Facebook groups, Family, Friends and Well wishers etc.
Relationship/Marriage advice is thrown at us daily whether we want it or not, it's therefore important that we examine what we read and hear before we apply them.

Here are some things every advice should reflect before you take it.

Does it break God's Word directly or indirectly?

You see a guy you love, and a friend, mentor, or Facebook page is telling you to seduce him and get pregnant for him. RUN.

Even if it's your Pastor telling you to "Test the Merchandise before Marriage"... RUN.

Sex before Marriage is not bad . RUN

Your friends are telling you to cheat on your wife, It doesn't matter, after all they do it. RUN

Scripture can not be ignored without consequences.


Break up with him/her isn't the first answer to problems in Relationships.

Advice that is all about "break up/divorce" "revenge" without FIRST admonishing you to FORGIVE and TALK IT OVER with your Partner in an attempt to give opportunity for them to change and achieve reconciliation is to be taken with caution.

Counsels should first be geared toward forgiveness and reconciliation, second chances, before brutal actions should be suggested.

Dialogue should always come first and the option of reconciliation exploited

When the source of a counsel is biased, the counsel will always be one sided.

You quarrel with your spouse, and your Mum is already blasting them without telling you the things you did wrong and taking your side, when even in your, heart, you know you were wrong. Be wary applying her advice before you lose your marriage .

Go to a known "Men are scum" advocate for counsel, you can already guess what you'll get.


Whatever God does, is Peaceful
His Wisdom is peaceful.
His counsels are Peaceful

"if your wife says pim, beat her up, she'll behave, women need beating"

"if your husband misbehaves, tear his shirt"

Run from counsels that ask you to employ violence in solving crisis in your relationship and marriage, no matter who is giving it.
Before Divorce enter your case.

Violence will only bring forth more Violence.


Any counsel that puts you in harms way, that is a gamble, that involves taking risks that could result in loss of life, leaving you at the mercy of a person whose character you can't vouch for is an unsafe counsel.

You've never met a guy/girl before, you want to travel to go see him/her, and your friends are telling you not to worry, just go, nothing will happen, HOW SURE ARE THEY?

Wise counsel will tell you to book an hotel and lodge while there, meet him or her at a public place, don't meet him at his or her place, or call a friend of yours in that state to house you till you are very sure of dwkr true nature and character. casual second wedding dresses

Your fiance/husband is beating you up badly, landing you on the hospital repeatedly, and people are telling you to stay and manage, that's not wise counsel, he'll kill you one day.

Be Careful the counsel you give and the one you take...
It can make it break Live