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Now that Michael's clothiers Michael Bush and Dennis Tompkins were established in their positions, they had to continue advancing forward to keep Michael dressed as only he should be dressed.
Dennis and Bush would buy hundreds of dollars worth of magazines every week and take them to Michael at his Westwood condo. There, all three men would sit on the plush carpet and learn from each other over those magazines. "Michael was a sponge for knowledge" said Bush "We'd page through those magazines and when something sparked our interest we'd mark the page with an X
Michael always wanted to know "Why did you mark that?" "Michael believed the art of asking questions and searching for answers was very important" explained Dennis "And we believed this unique personality trait of Michael's helped us understand what motivated him." Bush explained "It could've been a car ad, a new paint color or a bright lipstick shade......anything! We explained to him it was the colors we were interested in."
Michael completely understood and gave them his philosophy on what gets people's attention by saying "I believe the media, (which he came to despise) is always trying to control the people, to control what they hear, what they read, what they see which will control what they think!" Michael knew that if something made us stop and look, that meant it was working....sometimes for good but usually not. And rarely was it clothes that got our attention. DressAfford princess wedding gowns
The color red causes the human eye to dilate which causes us to pause and pay attention. That's why red was Michael's favorite color. BRILLIANT!!! Who would've guessed so much thought went into every outfit Michael wore.
He wanted to be couture.....but with an edge, a little rebellion....maybe against that media?! Bush remembers Michael telling him "Bush, whatever you do don't ever match my tie to my pocket square. To me that shows a lack of individuality. Just because some designer or magazine editor tells you to wear it that way doesn't mean you should." And with a laugh Michael informed him "And I wont do it."
Bush and Dennis were on high alert, always watching what was "trending" in the fashion world because "that's what we avoided!" Michael insisted "I want them to copy me, I mean it guys, I have to stand out from the crowd."
So the two men were constantly asking themselves "Where are we going with this piece? Where would Michael go with it? Will people question it? Notice it? Remember it?"
People from the fashion world were forever trying to dress Michael but he refused to allow it, he would often say "I don't want to be a walking billboard for some fashion conglomerate."
In 1990 Michael sent Bush and Dennis to London to find out what was the next thing trending so he could avoid it like the plague. The two men walked the streets of London, questioning hundreds of people, they hung out in pubs and clubs to see what people were wearing (or so they claim ? )
Almost everyone who cared about fashion told them "We're waiting to see what comes out of Hollywood!"
When they got back to LA they told Michael "We would've been better off walking the streets of our own back yard." His response "Oh well, atleast you had a fun vacation."
It wasn't the first time Michael was wrong and he could admit it and move on. Michael once said "It's better to fail in originality than to succeed in imitation."
Bush remembers the first jacket Michael wanted them to make for him in 1988. He wanted plates of flat metal to run up and down the slats of the jacket and hook to one another at various directions and of course police badges. Dennis told Michael "It wont work." Michael looked at Dennis for a long moment (people rarely told him no) and asked "Why not?"
Dennis explained "The human body is curved, there are no straight lines, metal plates will stick out every time you move."
Michael listened then said "Make it anyways." So they did.
When it was ready for Michael to try on, they stood behind him, looking in the mirror at Michael while he stood staring at himself, not saying a word. No one spoke. Finally, removing the jacket, Michael said "You were right." Handing the jacket back to Dennis and thanking the two men, Michael turned and walked away.
And that was the end of the
"Metal Jacket".

Laura Case