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Flashback to January 2014, we just started, after a long strike that held us down and slowed our physical clearance. I had arrived Unizik, and it was the orientation day. I hurried into the school, and secured a place in the orientation hall, a space I had to forfeit soon, because the heat from the crowd nearly choked me.
It was the multipurpose hall (that could barely serve one complete purpose) near the banks' allotted area. Trains and trains of speakers came to us, including the student affairs Dean, the director of school of general studies, Prof Ngozi Orjiakor and the Vice Chancellor. Dr. Alvan Ikoku Nwamara killed the day with the Unizik music departmental band, and we cheered on and on.
I soon crawled out of the teeming crowd and smelly armpits, hovering even above our heads as we sat. I dashed towards the Gmelina tree near the office block of arts department, to catch some breath.

A very young boy of average build and considerably handsome face walked briskly towards my end, looking sheepishly lost and rather confused. Two other guys soon joined, ones I later identified as Ifeanyi and Chris. Ifeanyi started, "you didn't attend the mass communication lecture? ". I was lost. Lecture? Weren't lecturers expected to honour the orientation time and day? I wondered in myself and I couldn't speak for a time. Dress Affordable special occasions wears for cocktail party
I soon found my tongue, "well, I came for the orientation, I didn't know there was lectures". But the truth was that I didn't even know which lectures was in my curriculum for the session.
"let's see what's going on inside the hall" Chris said as they turned to the direction of the hall. The first young man stayed back. He looked obviously tired and quite as confused as I was, and, it seemed he did not talk.
I looked at his regulation wear, and I saw he was completely dressed in the law regulation. Myself, I didn't have a Tie. I had thought it was optional, and in my natural nature, the alternative of wearing it didn't exist for me.
I broke the silence. "I didn't know leather black shoes are compulsory o, me I had all stars and suede. I had to purchase this leather yesterday...".
He cut in " same here o! Even my trousers were mostly chinos. I had to buy plain trousers..."
In a matter of minutes, we were laughing out loud, and I was partly disappointed, as I had thought he was a social misfit; the 'I don't talk type'.
The following day, we were on the same bench for lectures, and in the next few days, we won ourselves another good friend, Onele Freemind . Together and severally , the three wise men 'as they called us' cracked the hard nuts presented by logic and legal method, since we had no tutor, and graduated through the tides, however raging the storm was.
We quarrelled, reconciled, quarrelled again, reconciled again, argued, laughed, cajoled, threw passes, read the most difficult courses together, passed them together, played around, learnt our lessons, and the list of experiences go on and on. Other friends joined along, I observe all protocols.
Fast forward to today, still together, we are writing our projects in partial fulfilment of the award of bachelor of laws. None of us is just only in 500level, but rather in 500level and the final year.
Lifting the veil, that brother (that first young man that approached my end) UNIZIK gave me at the multi purpose hall is Kaycee Ezeano , and he's been faithful. Of a truth, I never praised you before bro (not like you ever did to me ? ), but you know I do hold you in enormous appreciation. I never regretted ever knowing you Bro, as we've been knights at various battles, slaying with the sword of truth and hard work.
Today, the universe celebrates you. May the good Lord show you grace in abundance. Money will fall on you like rain, and good health shall ever become your divine right. Bless up brotherly.

Happy Birthday Kelechukwu Chisom Ezeano, LLB (in a short while), BL (in view).